Saturday, January 9, 2010

San Franzisco

Cant believe its been two years since I lived in 350 Arballo. It feels just like yesterday that I woke up in my hardwood floored apartment and with fog peering in every window. I visited my old roommate Angela and explored SF some more just like old times. Its funny how every time I come back to San Fran, I find something or go somewhere I have never seen.

So today's adventure led us to take the M Line (of course do we even take anything else?) to Castro. Seriously, I could live there.

In true Angelakristina style, we had no plan on what to do but we somehow ended up at Dolores park. It is absolutely breathtaking and its just a whole new vibe I have yet to experience in the city. I am definitely going back with a good book and hot tea. yes please.

So we left the park to find some dinner and we happened to run into Samovar tea lounge. I am SOOOO happy we did. ONE I have been wanting to go to this place for over a year. TWO I did not know there was other locations!! THREE I LOVE TEA. ahhhhh it was such a good way to end the day! If you EVER go to SAN FRANCISCO and you like TEA. Go to Samovar Tea Lounge.

I went to the one on mission and castro. But to find out other locations or to get more info (trust me you will NOT regret it) you can find it here.

I would recommend the white Bai Mudan tea. And Angela really liked her iced Jasmine tea lemonade.

Ok annnnd the food was great! The menu was vegan friendly and had all sorts of sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. I had the raw honeycomb cheese and fruit platter. so good.

So in conclusion, I miss San Fran and sometimes I wonder why I even left it.

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