Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mister eight legs

A pen drawing that I played around with photoshop. I am posting the original to show what I started with:
Mister eight legs

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you
Pen illustration on 18''x24'' paper

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer tunes: Lovin spoonful

Forgotten Free Film

So I forgot about my free film camera and I found it over the weekend and got it developed. Here are a few pictures that were on the roll:
Lay down and sleep
Other side of blue
Peacock madness
Mr.Evan Campbell
In scarves & in love
New friends
Sun hats and wood

In our element

In our element

This is the original "Let's go" pen drawing colored in photoshop and there are two watercolor washes over the photo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unfinished Ostrich

Normally, I do not like posting unfinished things on here but I thought I would share my process of working! This is a ostrich piece I am working on currently but am unable to finish due to lack of supplies-storyofmylife- anyway here are the beginnings of it:

Here is where I do most of my work. It is extremely small and its a little ridiculous how I always end up spreading all of my stuff around the entire living room..Thank goodness I have a wonderful roommate who doesn't mind the craziness or so she says!

I always begin all of my watercolors with a light layer of color and then I build up with darker colors and textures

Instead of painting the entire ostrich I decided to do another cut piece as I have done before. Its where I paint parts of a image then cut them and then arrange them. I painted the feathers on cardboard, I thought it would be a nice textural contrast to the water color paper.

Check out those stems! You can see hints of the lighter first layer peaking through the texture and the darker colors. And also on the right is a few cardboard feathers cut out and placed near the neck.

Here is a close up of the head of the bird. I love adding texture onto flat colors and I also like to mix paint as in this case I mixed water color and white acrylic ink. I also use the dry brush technique while painting because it gives it a drawing feel rather than a straight painterly image.

Where is this ostrich now? well funny you should ask...it lives in a ziplock bag all jumbled and ready to be assembled. I did not realize how large the entire piece ended up being so I need to find something large enough to mount it on! Hopefully I can have this done next week and I will reveal ze final product! Hopefully..

First woodcut of the summer!

A woodblock I cut..sigh I need to get my hands on some ink.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer tunes: Canned Heat

If this doesn't scream summer for you, I don't know what does

Snapshots of summer

A bird & a man
One forth
Mon Dieu
My magnolia

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer tunes: Bessie Smith

3 prints & a painting

I haven't been able to make any new prints this summer but here are a few from the end of the year:

A dry point printed on archer's cover paper; Yes I am not best craftsman around but I like the overall image

Tree Rings
A woodcut of a tree ring printed two once with black ink then overlapped with a sepia toned on rice paper

The last woodcut I did for the end of the semester, its inspired by the Oaxacan animals printed on rice paper

Wild & White
One of my first summer paintings that I have been able to do! I love the proportions and the hidden geometric shapes, its white acrylic ink on grey cason paper

Hopefully as bummer school comes to an end I can find time to do more leisurely painting/printmaking but for now this will have to do

Friday, June 3, 2011


A series of crayon portraits combined. Its madness.

Here are the original crayon portraits:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A cooler Cactus cooler

For summer school we had to rebrand and design an existing product. I choose to do cactus cooler, which is a fruit soda down in SoCal. It is ridiculously ugly so I wanted to give it some class.

I did the cactus illustration and the whole idea is that the graphic and text would be silk screened on the bottle. I also expanded the brand and gave it three new flavors.

I made the cactus cooler cooler

(I would recommend to click on the image to see more details)
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