Thursday, December 31, 2009

My boyfriends boxers

My boyfriend has two boxers and so for Christmas I drew him a picture of one of his dogs. I love drawing pictures for people i really love. If you ever receive a framed picture from me it means that I care about you and basically that I love you. I hate giving away my drawings to just anyone. But here are the pictures of the finished product!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Les miserables

I am studying abroad in Europe next semester and we have to read victor hugo's Les Miserables.

First off, IT IS SOOOOOOO GOOOD! you should go grab a copy and read it ASAP!

Secondly, Hugo's descriptions and just his writing style is soo interesting. I am held captive by his words and can not get enough of his book. I am a active reader and I underline and highlight most of the books I read. and lets just say Les Mis is practically all highlighted.

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Children have their morning song, like birds.

The soul helps the body, and at certain moments uplifts it. It is the only bird which sustains its cage.

The poor young man...looks at humanity so much he sees the soul, he looks at creation so much that he sees God.

In thinking of the numberless enjoyments which nature offers, gives, and gives lavishly to open souls, and refuses to closed souls, he, a millionaire of intelligence, comes to grieve the millionaires or money.

The poor, good old woman was a maid. None of her dreams went as far as man. She had never got beyond her cat. She had ,like him ( her employer), mustaches.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My perfect house

soooooo I have been thinking a lot of my future home/apartment and these are the things I want it to look like/have.

So i have decided that I want a wall just full of framed art. I want it to almost look like an art museum but not as snobby. I just want all the frames to fit together like a puzzle but I want them to be all different shapes and colors and size. I love all four of these walls:

Please tell me how wonderful window seats are! I can see my self on a rainy day just sipping hot tea and drawing or reading a nice book.

Now for my bed room. I just love the coziness of this picture. I think I would have more pictures up and TON of blankets. And maybe a nice rug under the mattress. But for now, this will definitely do:

mmmmm look how amazing this kitchen is. Its so simple but so interesting. I stole this from my friends blog. The only thing I would change is there would be more coffee mugs and and healthy amount of plants displayed.and most likely some art that is framed. I am a huge art person. No wonder I am a art major huh?

Mark my words, this will be me in a few years.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Sometimes when I am alone, I want to plunge myself into my art. When I feel stuck, I want to dive into the freedoms of pen and paper.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Chameleon Eyes

I drew this earlier this year. Its is one of the first drawings that corporates animal features on people. To be honest, I came up with the idea in a dream and I scribbled it down on a post it note when I woke up. I like the fact the chameleons have eyes that just move in such a exaggerated way I really wanted to capture that in this drawing. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The First

I want to inspire people with my work and I want to be inspired by others. My work is unique and I am still learning and trying to explore new mediums and styles of drawing. This blog is for my art work and I am sharing the images that live in my head. This is a blog of things I create, things that I like, things that contain imagination and things that make me smile
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