Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My perfect house

soooooo I have been thinking a lot of my future home/apartment and these are the things I want it to look like/have.

So i have decided that I want a wall just full of framed art. I want it to almost look like an art museum but not as snobby. I just want all the frames to fit together like a puzzle but I want them to be all different shapes and colors and size. I love all four of these walls:

Please tell me how wonderful window seats are! I can see my self on a rainy day just sipping hot tea and drawing or reading a nice book.

Now for my bed room. I just love the coziness of this picture. I think I would have more pictures up and TON of blankets. And maybe a nice rug under the mattress. But for now, this will definitely do:

mmmmm look how amazing this kitchen is. Its so simple but so interesting. I stole this from my friends blog. The only thing I would change is there would be more coffee mugs and and healthy amount of plants displayed.and most likely some art that is framed. I am a huge art person. No wonder I am a art major huh?

Mark my words, this will be me in a few years.

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