Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolution: 01/03/10!

Three days into the new year and I still have kept my resolution!!

Here is today's drawing:

Old man checking his shrubbery. I drew the last two days but I (1.) too lazy to take pictures of them and (2.) they are not very well done.

Anyways! This is in my new pocket sketch book I bought from Blick yesterday. I LOVEEEE new sketchbooks. Its just filled with empty pages that are ready to be explored by the tip of my pen. So this is the very first drawing in there. I always feel like the first drawing in new sketchbooks are always a little awkward. or for me at least.

And for the second part of my resolution: I am thankful for my family's support and encouragement in my art. and I am also thankful blossom dearie's song Tea for Two.

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