Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mail Art

Tonight I was watching the Spark on PBS and they were talking about mail art. I never heard of mail art before today but Im glad I did! Mail art is basically another medium that underground artist use to get their art exposed. They make their own stamps, decorate the envelopes, send drawings, make collages, and more. Ahhhh! I think its super neat and I am going hopefully start doing it! But probbbbbably after I come back form Europe.

John Held Jr an artist on the show, collects and sends mail art himself. He had this to say which I found super interesting:

"I love getting this art in the mail ... the mailbox is a museum, so this is like going to the opening of a show."

Sooooo if you want more information on this episode here you go

And to exchange art with other mail artists:

John Held Jr.
P.O. Box 410837
San Francisco, CA 94141

Robert V. Rocola
740 Dutton Ave.
San Leandro, CA 94577

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