Sunday, August 1, 2010

San Diego

So I am moving back down to San Diego for school and this weekend I made the first trip of two down south. My old furniture from San Francisco and my wonderful chair filled up my entire car and my mom and I made the 9 hour journey down and back...

Seriously..thats just ridiculous

Being tortoises on the 5. With a speedy 0 miles per hour..

My new room! Ignore the lack of decoration

Our living room

Living room 2

This made the drive a little more worth while.

Turkey, gorgonzola, sun dried tomatoes on fresh Rosemary bread

Hopefullllllly this trip makes the next drive down a little easier..hopefully.

1 comment:

  1. NO WAY! the apartment looks sick! and you guys already have it looking nice! Can't wait to hang ouuuuuut on the patio!


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