Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Richie:

1.Richie's favorite color is black and red because its the color of fire
2.When Richie grows up he is going to be a doctor, a surgery doctor, a scientist, a secret agent, and a weatherman
3.Richie's favorite animal is a toss up between a crocodile and a swan
4.Richie's middle name is Elephant (or so he says)
5.Richie is going to bike to Florida someday
6. When asked what is the most beautiful thing in world is, his reply is "princesses"
7. He makes THE best cards:

I miss you!.... a heart with smile
This is one of the few times where this does not bother me


The pop-up of the pop-up card

Yes, those are rollie pollies

haha apparently Andrew likes wearing enormous yellow hats and writing with a gigantic pencil

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