Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

I have been wanting to do portraits using crayons for awhile now and I finally found some spare time. I chose to do portraits of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong who are two of my favorite singers. I absolutely adore the both of them and I am head over heels over their duets so it is only fitting to draw the both of them:

AS a side note: I drew Ella first and I am overall pleased with the result. But one thing I noticed was that the crayon is tighter in the face and looser around her neck. I thought the looseness was a nice quality. So when I drew Louie I decided to keep it loose and I think that the overall result is more successful then Ella. It has more expression and character and its free. But as a pair I like them both together although I may redraw Ella in the future..

Louis Armstrong

Here are some of my favorite duets from Ella and Louis! I hope you enjoy:

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  1. Lovely artwork! I was sad to find out that all three videos can't be played in Germany! I hate YouTube restrictions!


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