Thursday, April 7, 2011


OK. Honest to blog. I am stoked how this turned out. Yes, I would like to admit that printing of America in reverse was a mistake but a very fun one and I think it over all made it a stronger piece all together. Seriously, I am not clever enough to even think to print in reverse. ANYWAYS...Here is the progress of reversed US of A:

1. It started off with a crayon drawing of the united states on a piece of pine wood. I like drawing with crayons on wood rather than sharpie because I feel as if it is less permanent and its always more fun to draw in crayons!

dos. The next afternoon I started to carve. At first with the plan was to leave the state lines present inside the land mass, but pine is a very difficult wood to cut, so it eventually lead me to clear out the the image completely and this gave it a fun feel to the map.

Reverse America (progress cut)

3. Then here is one of the final prints I made last night. I only put pressure on the land mass itself and let the paper soak up the rest of the ink without me pressing on it. I am stoked on how it turned out and I can hopefully get a few more prints!

Reverse America

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