Monday, May 31, 2010

I MET ZOOEY DESCHANEL ( and her parents)

Andddddddddd saw Flight of the Conchords! Two concerts in one weekend?? My first and only concert was Celine Dion when I was 8 so this weekend was a whole new experience for me.

Flight of the Conchords were soooo good! It was at UC Berkeley in the Greek theatre. It was HUGE and was PACKED. It was cool because you could see the San Fran and the sunset over the golden gate. It had to be one of the prettiest nights I have seen in a long time. I was able to snag these two pictures: is the story of how I was able to meet Buddy the Elf's wife (taken from Jen's blog) :

"i went to go see she and him tonight with jamie, kelly, kristina and andrew.
once i brought up my love for zooey to my friend alisa whose step-dad jeff is a beach boy.
jeff is friends with zooey.
i got jeff's number and texted him, "hi jeff, it's jen the mexican. i am going to see your friend zooey tonight in oakland. wanta tell her that i'd love to meet her?"
and jeff was so nice. he called her and told her i was his niece.
backstage passes were on will call and i picked up two."

After that we cast lots and I won! SO Jen and I met her after the show and saw her husband Ben Gibbard! She was super friendly and so were her parents (who were both sporting perfectly round glasses!) Over all, this was a wonderful concert experience! I also got her autograph because she doesn't take pictures which is understandable. I felt like I was at disneyland getting a character to sign my autograph book!

The She & Him concert was in Oakland at the Fox Theatre which is super ornate but still pretty cool.This was our view:

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